Day out with the kids

Amusement parks, seals, water skiing.... Here are some great tips for a day out with the kids! For up-to-date information, events and tips, please visit our free Wedderbergen app!

  • Dive into prehistory at Landgoed Tennaxx! Here you will meet life-size dino's, so ideal for a dinofan.
  • The best amusement park in Drenthe; Drouwenerzand! Discover the pirate boat, the ponies and much more!
  • Wonderwereld; Go on a fairy tale tour through the secret passageways of the Dragon's Cave and visit the little people the Faunies.
  • Wildlands Adventure Zoo is a real experience for young and old. Go on an expedition through the habitats of the animals and spot them all.
  • Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen rescues stranded seals and helps them get back into the wild. 
  • Water skiing, climbing and paintballing are done at Borgerswold Experience. Including a large climbing forest, water skiing course, survival course and various trails.