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Culture & History

Wedde Burcht

Be sure to visit the only castle in the Province of Groningen and discover the origins of the Netherlands. This is where William of Orange’s forces celebrated their first victory of the Eighty Years’ War.

Vesting Bourtange

For the true culture lover Bourtange Fortress is a treasure trove. The unique historic defensive structures are a perfect blend of past and present contained in this intimate and welcoming fortress town.


Meyer Werft Papenburg (Germany)

There is lots to see at this huge shipyard where the most advanced and largest cruise ships are built. At the visitors’ centre you can admire cruise ship models and try out a replica cabin. You can also register for a tour of the shipyard.

Museum Railway S.T.A.R

Museum Railway S.T.A.R (Stichting Stadskanaal Rail) operates historic trains on the former NS [Dutch Rail] stretch between Veendam and Musselkanaal. The track follows the Groningen and Drenthe border. At 26 kilometres it is the longest museum railway in the Netherlands. Why not take a ride!


'Het Theewinkeltje' in Wedde

Agnes Bos, a young woman of 34 with physical and mental handicaps, has completely changed her life running this Tea Shop.

Radio & Speelgoedmuseum in Onstwedde

A very children friendly radio and toys museum. Children are free to play with the toys and trains.

Museum de Oude Wolden in Bellingwolde

Set in magnificent surroundings the completely renovated MOW|Museum de Oude Wolden is a unique museum that offers alternating exhibitions, permanent works of naturalist painter and magical realist Lodewijk Bruckman, and features a different regional artist every month.

Antiek & Restauratie in Smeerling

'Smeerling' Antiques and Restoration is housed in one of seven fully restored Saxon farmsteads in the hamlet of Smeerling.

Galerie Artaban in Bellingwolde

Paintings. statues, murals and curiosities.