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All around us there is so much to do that you will have no time to get bored. Thinking of Groningen you see endless meadows, sticky clay, miles and miles of sea dikes and far horizons. But Westerwolde in the 'tail' of Groningen is different, a region not of straight lines but of winding roads, not of endless views but of intimate stretches of moor, woods or corn fields. Meandering streams and gradual inclines make you think: are we in Groningen? Westerwolde is more like Drenthe, but maybe even prettier.

The rich history of Westerwolde is reflected in Bourtange Fortress and UNESCO heritage protected Ter Apel Monastery. In Wedderburcht [Wedde Castle], the only castle in the Province of Groningen, you'll discover the origins of the Netherlands. Here William of Orange’s forces celebrated their first victory of the Eighty Years’ War. All of this to be enjoyed just a bicycle ride away from our campsite!