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Read below the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us.

Do you sell day tickets for the pool and/or other facilities?
Yes, we're selling day tickets outside the vacation periods. With a day ticket you get access to the indoor pool, water playground, indoor play hall, playgrounds and restaurant  

Do you also rent out pre-season pitches?
Yes, we rent out pre-season pitches from April 1st to July 1st based on availability.

What are your payment terms?
With the exception of fixed and preseason pitches, we expect a deposit of 50% within 14 days of booking. The remaining 50% must be paid at least 4 weeks before arrival.

Is there wireless internet (wifi) on the campsite?
Yes, there is free wifi on the entire campsite. Please note! This is "camping wifi"; no rights can be derived from speed or range. 

Is the swimming pool heated? 
Yes the pool is heated, the toddler / children + / - 30 degrees and the large bath 28 degrees. Please note! Because the air conditioning is set to a higher temperature, it may feel cooler. 

In warm weather the roof opens and the indoor pool changes into an indoor / outdoor pool which is directly connected to the new water playground.

Is the water playground heated?
The new outdoor pool for small children and the water playground including fountains are also slightly heated, + / - 22 degrees.

Is there always supervision in the pool and water playground?
No, there is not always supervision. We are not obliged to, but during vacations / busy times supervision is present as much as possible.

We expect that parents/guests will enter the pool with a responsible attitude at all times.

From what time can check-in?
Camping from 13.00 and chalets from 15.00. We urgently request not to arrive earlier on arrival and departure days due to traffic.

Till what time can I arrive at the latest?
The reception is open daily until 18.00 and in the school vacations even until 20.00.

If you arrive after 18.00, please let us know.

May I use the facilities on the day of arrival/departure?
Yes you are! Go for a swim, do crafts or play in a playground before getting into the car. 

Do you rent pitches with private sanitary facilities?
No, not at the moment. This is high on our wish list :)!

Are dogs allowed on the campsite?
Pets are welcome on pitches 13 to 125 and in chalets 1 to 11. Please use the dog walking area and clean up any dog mess! Free bags available at the reception, depodog bins available on site.

Dogs are not welcome in our facilities such as the swimming pool, water playground, swimming pond, indoor play hall, playgrounds and sports fields. 

When is there extensive entertainment on the site?
In the periods around Easter, May, Ascension, Whitsun and of course throughout the summer vacations there is extensive entertainment on the campsite. You will find the activities in our new app!

Will I have cable on my pitch?
Every comfort pitch has water, drainage and 10 ampere electricity, as well as wifi and a CAI connection.

Can I leave my car on the pitch?
Yes, the car (max 1 per pitch) can be parked on the pitch or chalet. In extreme weather conditions we may ask everyone to park their car outside the campsite in order to protect the fields/grass.

Can I also come and camp with our camper?
Our pitches are also suitable for campers but are not paved.

Why are some periods not bookable months in advance?
Due to the busy vacation periods we advise guests to book early. 

Can I have a preferred pitch when booking?
Yes, this is possible. You pay a one-time fee of 19.50 euros for this.

Is it possible to rent bicycles on the campsite?
Yes, this is possible. Bicycles with gears and electric bicycles can be rented at the reception.

Is it possible to rent canoes at the campsite?
Yes it is possible, both Canadian canoes and kayaks!

Can I do my laundry in the campsite?
Yes everyone can use the washing machines and dryers. We have a small launderette behind the reception, but also washing machines/dryers in the sanitary building on the camping fields.  

Is it allowed to barbecue on the campsite?
Yes, this is permitted provided the necessary safety precautions are observed. Open fires are prohibited at all times. 

Do you sell fishing licences?
Yes, you can buy a day pass or a week pass at the reception. You can also buy fishing tackle, hooks and bait in the supermarket next to the reception. Useful!

Seen a wasp nest, what should I do?
Call the reception: the wasp fighter will come to the campsite in case of a report.

I am looking for temporary accommodation for my staff, can I come to you?
No, Camping Wedderbergen has a full and exclusive tourist character. On request we can refer you to colleagues who do offer long-term rental for employees.

I am interested in a permanent site as an investment; is subletting permitted?
No, subletting is not allowed under any circumstances; neither is sharing a caravan. If you book a permanent pitch, you book it for yourself. We like to keep an overview of our park and want to know at all times who is staying at our park. 

Did you know that Camping Wedderbergen... a family business? The Fluttert family personally welcomes you here at Wedderbergen!

...has twice been crowned the best campsite in the north of the Netherlands? a company in full development? We invest (heavily) every year!

...will have the largest water playground of NL in 2021?

...built a new indoor swimming pool and indoor play hall in 2014 and 2015?

...placed brand new chalets in 2020? No less than 20 of them!

...Added a fiberglass network in 2020? Free wifi!

...opened new playgrounds in 2019 and 2020? We now have no less than 11 playgrounds and 3 large air trampolines! the nicest campsite of the North according to the Recron public award? very active on social media? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! sustainable entrepreneurs are one of the winners of the Koploper project Groningen?