Indoor pool

With 2 indoor pools and an outdoor pool, water fun is guaranteed! Fun: with the roof open, the pool is directly connected to the water playground, creating a water plaza! 

What is there to do?

  • Indoor pool: bubble bench, slide and rapids
  • Special underwater lights that can have a stroboscopic effect in the dark.... Perfect for disco swimming!
  • From 24 degrees the roof opens; wonderful!
  • Toddler pool (indoor): anti-skid floor, slide, tilt duck, hole snake and water albatross.
  • The paddling pool is just a degree warmer inside.... Delicious!
  • Toddler pool (outdoor): water table, water bell and slide

Good to know...

  • The large pool is 1.39 meters deep and falls under the category of 'recreational pool'. Because of this, there is no standard supervision present; lifeguard not required.
  • Children without a swimming certificate must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Water temperature +/- 29/30 degrees
  • Pool is only accessible to guests of our park
  • The pool is non-smoking!