New in 2022/ 2023!


We are building a completely new restaurant: pizzeria, ice cream parlor, lunchroom and snack bar in 1! In addition to a completely new interior and exterior, guests will soon be able to order using handy order pillars!

Did we make you curious? Read on and take a look at the impressions.

Phase 1: Kitchen
Installing the completely new kitchen and making it operational. We are aiming for the kitchen to be ready for takeout in mid-May.

Phase 2: Terras
After the kitchen is opened, the outdoor terrace will also be made ready asap so that people can order, eat and drink on the spot from then on.

Phase 3: Great Hall
At the end of June, the main hall will be furnished with tables, chairs and benches. From this moment on, guests can eat and drink inside. 

Phase 4: Serre
In October, the construction work for the installation of the large conservatory begins; this insulated conservatory and contains sliding walls and automatic skylights. The construction will take +/- 12 to 15 weeks. 

Phase 5: Interior construction
As soon as the greenhouse is built, the interior designer can start working on the total interior. Tables, chairs, lamps, decoration, indoor play area, etc.. It is expected that the entire hospitality renovation will be completed by April 1, 2023.